ARJUN EDUCATIONAL TRUST was established in the year 2010 with the avowed purpose of developing a world class centre for technical education that will cater to students from diverse backgrounds arjun1including those from socially underprivileged sections. The trustees of “ARJUN EDUCATIONAL TRUST” (AET) hail from academia, industry, and entrepreneurship, all of them with a successful and impeccable track record in their respective fields. Lord Krishna chose ARJUN to impart ‘Gita’, the great philosophy of life with a universal value. ACT’s basic philosophy of education is derived from ‘Gita’ that teaches humanity the concept of achieving emancipation through doing one’s duty and gaining knowledge.  Arjun is known for his great learning abilities and he was the chief disciple of Dronacharya. Despite his great acumen in the art of statecraft and warfare, he was modest, gentle and compassionate to all. He also knew how to control his mind and passions. With unmatched cleanliness in thinking and ACTion. Arjun is also free from pride and hatred. The management of ACT believes in the values of Arjun as taught to him by no less a person than Lord Krishna and aims to inculcate these values in its teaching faculty and students. Needless to say, this will teach the students of ACT to carve out their space in the corporate world.