Principal Desk

Principal Desk

I thank you for your interest in Arjun College of Technology. Since its inception in 2013, ACT has taken long strides and grown in stature and reputation in the province of Engineering Education in Tamilnadu.

We are proud of our faculty and staff, they ensure that each and every student’s learning experience is rewarding and gratifying by complementing theoretical knowledge with practical training. Learning at ACT has never been limited to the classroom. Learners are exposed to a variety of activities in curricular and extra-curricular that helps them to hone their skills, personality, receive a career-focused education and earn a name for themselves and the Institution

I should also say that we do not rest on our laurels. We always strive to make learning experiences more pleasant and challenging. I welcome you to the fraternity of ACT to realize your aspirations and reach your academic and career goals in the quickest possible time.

Dr. D. Kumar M.E., Ph.D, M.B.A Principal Arjun College of Technology

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