Arjun College of Technology

Chairman Desk

Chairman Desk

The faculties of engineering has metamorphosed the prospects of imagination and fantasy tangibly during the course of time. Since the dawn of the industrial age, the importance and influence of Engineering has grown at a blazing speed. The marvels of engineering – microprocessors, high-speed motors, cellular networks, power grids, automated assembly lines and many others have become ineluctable aspects in everyone’s life. 

Today, the application of engineering spans the spectrum from deep sea exploration to space travel and beyond. In the modern era, it would be extremely difficult to find an avenue where engineering hasn’t left its footprint. Having observed thescientific and technological proliferation, Arjun College of Technology aims at offering both the breadth and depth of study that are prerequisite for the student community to excel in its integrated areas of engineering and technology.The optimal way to find the right endeavour is to identify the objective that resonates with you.

I solicit the support of everyone to join this scholastic exodus of Arjun College of Technology for the benefit of the student community and the nation as a whole.

- R. Suryanarayanan Chairman - Arjun College Of Technology