Arjun College of Technology

Principal Desk

Principal Desk

In the midst of a healthy and intellectual upbringing, he obtained his Bachelor Degree in Mechanical Engineering from Madras University.
Subsequently, he obtained his M.E. in Computer Aided Design . Besides having a strong technical expertise and analytical skills, he acquired his Ph.D degree. He started his career from 2000 as a Lecturer in Jaya Engineering College, Chennai, to satisfy his passion for teaching and research and then he joined Chennai Institute Of Technology as an Associate Professor from 2010.

In addition to teaching at engineering colleges, he had also worked as an administrator/coordinator for student associations and laboratories. He has contributed to the areas of manufacturing with more than 15 research publications and 5 patents.

He is keen on taking steps to improve the existing infrastructure and responsible to create more than 10 centre of excellence and utilize them effectively and optimally for meeting the changing needs.

He is member in SAE,MISTE,IIPE,and he has authored two books for budding Engineers. He is the Part of team which got DST sponsored R and Alliance – INSPIRE worth 22.5 lakhs received MSME Grant project for 5 Lakhs. Dr.Janaki Manohar N is the Principal of internationally leading and highly advanced technical College – Arjun College of Technology and he is known for his virtues as a wise mentor, friendly teacher, innovative administrator, and visionary leader.

This citadel of learning, Arjun College of Technology, serves as an estuary for the budding technocrats to witness the confluence of scientific and technological exuberance, with ardent commitment and enormous amount of compassion towards the society witnessing the splendid accomplishment in the realm of education.

I fervently feel that the noble deeds of the institute will be entered in the annals of history.

- Dr.Janaki Manohar, Principal, Arjun College of Technology