Arjun College of Technology

Principal Desk

Principal Desk

Knowledge era seeks and celebrates innovation. The world has witnessed a metamorphosis in the human life style. This revolution was possible only by the proliferation of scientific and technological acumen. The dominating feature of the contemporary world is the intense cultivation of science and technology on a large scale, and its application to meet a country’s requirements. In this regard, India has also contributed towards such phenomenon. Indian intellect has played a pivotal role and spawned new technologies. It is pertinent that the scientific and technological endeavours must create a robust enabling environment for harnessing the creative energies of our youth, which can make a visible impact in improving the quality of life of our people. Scholastic acumen of Indian professionals in different fields is to be well imprinted on wide canvas of the globe. In this relation, Arjun College of Technology has carved a niche in the technical arena molding the young minds towards intellectual illumination for a span of a decade. It offers a congenial environment conducive for processes of innovation, teaching and learning that serves as a platform for the budding technocrats of India to exhibit their technical expertise and to expand their wings in technical arena. It aims at serving the various stakeholders of the society with enthusiasm and commitment.

This citadel of learning, Arjun College of Technology, serves as an estuary for the budding technocrats to witness the confluence of scientific and technological exuberance, with ardent commitment and enormous amount of compassion towards the society witnessing the splendid accomplishment in the realm of education.

I fervently feel that the noble deeds of the institute will be entered in the annals of history.

- Dr.D.Kumar, Principal, Arjun College of Technology