Arjun College of Technology

Secretary Desk

Secretary Desk

In the modern era of science and technology, engineers rule the roost in all the domains. Engineering endeavours the insights to conceive, model and scale an appropriate solution to a problem. In the knowledge-driven economy, leadership in technology and innovation leads to prosperity and security of the nations. The history of our species is a testament to the works of countless engineers. Our reliance on technology will only grow and the importance of Engineer will follow suit. The greatest engineering feat was the introduction of electricity. The adoption of technology en masse has led to every increasing yields and efficiency of the production of food. Robotic surgery may not be that far off either.

Having considered the pivotal role played by the engineers and technocrats, we, at Arjun College of Technology have adopted strenuous measures to scale greater heights in the teaching learning process. This will in turn sculpt the individual to become a responsible engineering graduate with required technological skills to solve the emerging challenges of the society.

I invite everyone to be the part of this initiative thereby we can create a brave new world.

-Dr. R. Suresh Kumar, Secretary, Arjun College of Technology