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ACT makes all efforts to achieve the foundation purpose for developing Engineering and Technological talents.

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In the long and chequered history of mankind and the annals of human march towards progress, the 21st Century belongs to science and technology. In order to expedite the process of scientific and technological proliferation, it is of paramount importance to witnessthe massive application of science and technology in all realms of society. Under the stewardship of the Arjun Educational Trust this missionary zeal of escalating the status of the student community was accomplished. The college was established in 2013 with a view to catering to the needs of the student community offering quality engineering education.

A citadel of engineering and technological education, Arjun College of Technology strives to benefit the civic, economic, and intellectual forums of our country. The college offers various branches of engineering and technology which govern the modern era.The scholarship of the teaching fraternity caters to the scientific and technological urge of the budding technocrats.Engineering graduates learn to integrate scientific and engineering principles to develop products and processes that contribute to economic growth, advances in medical care, enhanced national security systems, ecologically sound resource management, and many other beneficial areas. At a time when technological innovations are intrinsically coupled with virtually every aspect of society, it is imperative to develop a scientific and technically literate society. All the scholastic endeavours revolve around the cumulative development of an individual who will cater to the needs of the nation through their innovative acumen.Any student who is desirous of excelling in life can scale the farthest horizonsand this is the promise of the institute.

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The Institute has ultra-modern smart Lecture halls with Wi-Fi enabled Audio Visual and Video Conferencing facilities, Tutorial halls, Foreign Language Center & Language Laboratory, Resource Centre (Library), State of the Art Laboratories, Computer Centre, Industry – Institute Partnership Cell, Workshops, Homely Hostels ( Both Boys and Girls Separately), Sports Facilities, Research Centre, Sports and Games facilities, Canteen, Auditorium and Seminar Halls etc. Modern Arjun Skill Development Centre is to promote various technical skills among the students with a separate structured curriculum.

Skilled Professors

Highly qualified, Experienced and Dedicated Faculty members with Real Passion in Teaching is the biggest asset of Arjun College of Technology. The team includes Outstanding Academicians, Renowned Researchers and Enthusiastic Entrepreneurs, contribute towards overall Personnel, Professional, Social and Cultural Growth of every students with Ethics and Values. They not only inculcate Engineering knowledge but also impart Technical Skills among the Students. Our team of faculty members play a role of the Mentor and they committed to provide best support to the Students inside and outside the Campus.


The library serves as estuary of knowledge and intellectual exchequer offering the resourcebase for the technocrats. Books on various topics of engineering and technology, besides other branches of study, are stacked for the purpose of the cumulative development of an individual. Access to information is made easy for the student community. The librarian and the staff maintain the library in such a manner that the students get the inputs on recent trends and development in all fields meticulously.An array of scientific and technological resources are at the disposal of the student community for intellectual exuberance.


Laboratories of all the Departments of ACT house have wide range of facilities available for Research, Teaching – Learning and Consultancy. The Laboratories are intended to impart practical exposure to students and in turn they apply theory into practice. All the Laboratories are equipped with latest Hardware and Software of International Standard. All the Labs are equipped with variety of latest software tools to satisfy the Industry and Academia requirements. During lab hours, Students get a hands – on experience of the subject being taught.

Alumni Association

The ACT Alumni Association has been envisaged to foster a closely connected network between accomplished Alumni and the young budding Arjunites. ACT Alumni association often organize Social events, publish newsletters or magazines, various competitions and raise funds for the social activities. Alumni help the Arjunites in getting Internships, Projects and Placements in leading Industries. They play a vital role and help ACT  in making the new Entrepreneurs.


The Arjun Research Centre has a strong base including Infrastructure facilities and experts (both from Industry and Academia) to carry out the Research Activities. The centre has signed MOU with many organizations and tie-up with various Industries related to research activities. ACT research center is established with a system  to promote the academic researches, aims to develop a research performance evaluation scheme to encourage the teaching staff to carry out research activities and to develop a research environment in which young researchers ( Not only Arjunites but also from the Other Organisations) can become active.


Arjun College of Technology envisions a more inclusive Industry Connected, Research Oriented and Socially bridged Engineering Education It aims to Develop entrepreneurial skills, Encourages co- curricular and extra curricular activities, Imparts value addition courses, competitive exams and foreign languages training to achieve academic excellence with high standards of discipline, ethics and values

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ACT makes all efforts to achieve the foundation purpose for developing Engineering and Technological talents.