Arjun College of Technology

mechanical engineering faculties

list of faculty members

S.No Name of the faculty Designation Qualification
1 Dr. KUMAR D Professor & Principal M.E. , Ph.D, M.B.A
2 Dr. SURESHKUMAR R Professor M.E., Ph.D, M.B.A
3 Dr. PRABHA C Associate Professor & Head M.E. , Ph.D
4 Mr. RAMANATHAN R Professor M.E
5 Mr. VASUDEVAN S A Associate Professor M.E
6 Mr. RAMESH S R Assistant Professor M.E
7 Mr. MANOJKUMAR G Assistant Professor M.E
8 Mr. NAVEENKUMAR M Assistant Professor M.E., (Ph.D)
9 Mr. SATHYAKUMAR R Assistant Professor M.E
10 Mr.V. BALAMURUGAN Assistant Professor M.E